Monday, August 24, 2015

I have really enjoyed this transfer so far...

Well what a weird week... not much has happened but seemed to be way busy. I guess the big thing of the week is a recent convert moved Saturday to Florida. So, that was kind of hard to say goodbye.

Umm since apparently eastern Washington has been burning up we have a lot of smoke over on this side of the mountains. I feel like I’m back in Cache Valley in the winter walking around outside.

I have really enjoyed this transfer so far. I feel I’ve been blessed with learning more about how being more and more focused on others bring greater blessing to everyone involved. I think of the Savior’s life and how it was centered on others. How much time he spent sharing everything he knew. I love these people I’m around here. I love the missionaries I serve. I love the people who lead me in the mission. And more than anything, I love the people I get to teach this gospel to. What a great, beautiful thing to be able to do this for 2 years and carry these lessons throughout my whole life.

I hope everyone at home is safe. I love you guys and miss you very much!

-Elder Johnson

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