Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I guess we've hit that season or something...

Stadium Area Elders: Johnson, Marsh, Bagley, LaCasse
Hey! Its been a great week. I am really enjoying all the Elders in the Stadium area. We're all really young and it's nice to be around boys my age. This past week we did a lot to find investigators and we were able to find a lot. One of the investigators is a single mom named Awa. She is from the Ivory Coast and is such a sweetheart.  I think there might be a little bit of a language barrier but I think she is understanding the basics and I know she feels the spirit. She reminds me a lot of Charles Abouo in Logan.

This week is Halloween so the mission is having zone meeting that day so we stay out of the streets. I dunno what to expect but I am exited haha. It has kept raining here. I guess we've hit that season or something. The nights are getting cooler and I am really enjoying that. Last week we had the car so this week we won't be able to drive. I am really enjoying my mission. I feel like as long as I am busy I don't miss everything to much. And I've been able to run in the morning so that makes life a lot better. I think I might have been a little physically addicted to it haha.
hot rods punch

Elder Johnson, Elder Lacasse

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The results of a seed being planted...

This week is going well.  I am loving training and working hard. Elder Marsh's new companion is a runner from Rich High School so we have been getting up at 6 and putting in miles. It has made a huge difference to be able to run again on a regular basis.

As for new investigators, the Stadium area (me/my companion & Elder Marsh/his companion) got a lot of new investigators this week. All together we got 26 so I am really exited to have so much going on in our area. I look forward to to the rest of the transfer.     

We had stake conference this week and it was really spectacular! It was a lot different then one's back in Utah.  Here they really stressed missionary work and member missionary work... how we, as missionaries, assist the ward and how the ward should do the mission work itself 

I also found out that 3 of my investigators in Bremerton have been baptized this past month. So that was really a boost of confidence to see the results of a seed being planted. 

I hope all is well in Utah, Hawaii, Idaho or wherever your all at. I love you. Thank you all and God bless.

Elder Johnson

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Transfers and Trainers...

Transfer meeting was yesterday. It went very well. It's always some of the most spiritual highs I get on my mission. I am training Elder Lacasse. He is from Florida and I think we will get along very well!
Tacoma Zone

It has started to rain quite a lot here. Things are going very well.  My new companion... he seems to want to work hard so I am exited to get stuff done. This week I found out that 2 of my investigators from Bremerton were baptized. So that is very nice to hear and realize things are going well for those people I love.  In the Stadium area there are 2 sets of missionaries. I have been serving with Elder Marsh (Annie's brother) and he is staying in the area.   That is nice. We do get along pretty well.

After the zone lunch
Anyways, I don't have much to say.  I miss you and I hope to have more to say next week. I love and miss you all.

Elder Johnson

Friday, October 10, 2014

Tacoma East Interviews and Zone Meeting

One of the blessings of being a parent of a missionary in the Tacoma Washington Mission is the fact that President and Sister Blatter like to take photos.  Not only do they take a lot of photos, they post those photos on the mission blog.  Here are some photos of the Tacoma East Zone Meeting held last Wednesday, October 8, 2014.  Guess who is in them?

Thomas Elder Johnson and his companion, Elder Larson.

The Tacoma East Zone.  October 2014


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Time to relax and take in the words of our leaders...

The past week has gone really well. The weeks have really started to blend together and seem to just be flying by faster than I can remember. I have never appreciated General Conference more than I did this past week. It gave time to relax and take in the words of our leaders.

Although... the stake center we watched the sessions at was 9 miles away. We had to bike there.  It made for a weekend of very unproductive missionary work. One of my most favorite talks from the conference was Elder Klebingat. I felt he said some very great doctrine in a way everyone could understand it.

As for the week itself, it was not bad. There is an investigator we have by the name of Debbi.  She's called an eternal because she's been an investigator for years but has never been able to get baptized because of her husband.  This week we were able to put her on a date for the end of December.  So that was very good. Just cross our fingers it all works out.

This Saturday is transfer calls and I am hoping to stay here in Stadium with Elder Larson. Hopefully I can see some results from the work that I've been put in here. I also have a interview with the Mission President this Wednesday that I'm looking forward to. It's just a regular interview he tries to do every other transfer.

Yesterday I was able to go fishing with a member in the ward. We went to American Lake. It was absolutely beautiful. It was super foggy the first few hours but cleared up later. In the middle of the lake is an island where people live. They park on the edge of the lake then take a boat over to their homes. I can't imagine how expensive it is though.

Anyway, all is well here. I love the area and I'm hoping for it to get cooler here as well. It rained for a day but hasn't rained since.

-Elder Johnson