Monday, January 25, 2016

It makes me nervous to see the last quarter of my mission...

January 18, 2016

Another transfer has come and gone and the end to this blessed 2 years of my life seems too close.

Elder Hasting and me are staying together in Gig Harbor. Elder Sulcer and Stewart are leaving however. I am very happy to be where the Lord needs me to be. I’m exited for another 6 weeks with Elder Hastings. It will be nice just to be in a normal companionship as well, instead of a foursome.

It was a really good transfer. I feel like each transfer I learn how to work harder and more effectively and it is so very satisfying! Although we have seen a lot of missionaries go home this winter it’s been very satisfying for me to be able to help some struggling missionaries out, but its been even more helpful to me, to realize how truly blessed I am.

We have seen many miracles at the end of this transfer.

I love you guys I’m sorry I got to keep it short this week, but things are great in the WA-Tac we are finding teaching and baptizing people and the spirit is being felt all around in my life. I have many blessing to count… one the biggest one being the Savior.

January 25, 2016

It was my first week in over 6 months with only having 1 companion. Needless to say, it was a little weird! Just being with 1 guy. Lucky we still have 4 people living in the house so when we get home there is still excitement to draw our attention away from the rain and cold.

There are a lot of pros and cons with only having one companion. But, over all, I have really enjoyed it. It’s a lot easier to stay focused during planning and studies. But with just Elder Hastings and me here we are sort of spread thin over 2 separate wards.

I think the theme for my whole mission has been humility since day one to now. I find myself coming short time and time again, whether I don't live up my expectations or things don't happen the way I think it should. Or I find myself not being able to communicate with people my feelings and thoughts. I feel awful every time I come up short of expectations of my Heavenly Father. It’s really weighed me down. I’ve been taught by my wonderful parents that I have infinite potential and it’s hard not living up to that potential. We truly are beggars and I find myself begging and pleading with Heavenly Father a lot the last 18 months to become better able to find teach and baptize people for Him. And I’m learning more and more to be humble and rely on him to get me through each day.

I sure do love what I’m doing. I cant ever picture myself not doing missionary work. But it makes me nervous to see the last quarter of my mission start.

-Elder Johnson

Monday, January 11, 2016

I take advantage of every opportunity...

What a crazy week! Last Monday turned from p-day to a road trip, as we had to drive 2 hours to pick up a new companion. I’m looking forward to having a p-day to myself again today. (ha-ha) Honestly, a lot of my week consisted of busy work… a sister in the zone went into the ER the other day and we had a few doctors’ appointments to go to throughout the week. Keep the health and safety of the WA TAC missionaries in your prayers this week!

Although we were busy, I got to really put my priorities straight. And what truly comes first are the health and safety of the missionaries I serve. I know my Savior would want me to help them be safe. It’s been very hard for me to sit around and not be out working hard to find teach and baptize people. But to share this gospel even if it’s in a doctors’ office.

We got to speak in church this last Sunday, I was asked to speak on the 3rd lesson we teach which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is about our message and our purpose. It was great to prepare this talk. Although I only got to speak for maybe 2 minutes because I was the last speaker and didn’t have any time, it was wonderful to bear my testimony to the great ward I am serving!

Anyways I am doing well. There are a lot of missionaries who are not doing as well physically as I am. I have no reason to complain. Please keep the health and safety of the missionaries of the WA TAC in your prayers this week. Love you guys very much.

-Elder Johnson

P.S. Its weird all the sisters I came out with go home next Tuesday. Time truly is flying.

Monday, January 4, 2016

So much has happened this transfer...

Well happy new years! It was weird to think about this next year. Although I did not put together a "new years resolution list" I was thinking of what I would like to accomplish this next calendar year. At first everything that popped into my head was mission related. Then my heart stopped when I remembered that about half this year I would be at home. What a strange idea... Well, needless to say, I thought of some things that I would like to do when I’m home from my mission as well.
Gig Harbor Zone @ Wa-Tac Mission Christmas party

We had a wonderful zone conference this past week on member work and how we can start doing more member work without changing much of what we are doing already. That what we have been doing so far in missionary work is awesome. It shows the Lord we will serve but perhaps it’s not the smartest way to do it. So we are going to continue to do what we are doing but also involve members more in all phases of the work… finding, teaching, and baptizing. I look forward to doing missionary work in this way although it takes a lot more sacrifice on our part to plan and make sure everything goes perfectly. But also it takes our willing members to sacrifice both time and efforts to help that investigator.

The bad news in zone conference was that we would no longer be having our wonderful transfer meetings. In a mission president training elder Oaks really was clear that missions should not be having transfer meetings. Although I do not completely understand why I am exited to to follow this council. I know that special blessing are in store for the Wa-Tac as we listen and obey the council of the prophets.

Oh also we will no longer be in a 3-some today. We are getting a missionary named Elder Stewart so there will be 4 of us in the companionship again! That’s always exiting. So much has happened this transfer. It’s been a crazy one.

Anyways I love you all thanks again for the support. It means a lot to me!

-Elder Thomas Johnson