Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Companion Letter (Elder Werk)

Elder Johnson will be getting a new companion today.  One of the little blessings of missionary parents is reading about Elder Johnson's work from another person's perspective.  Here is a letter written yesterday by his new companion, Elder Werk. A big thanks to Elder Werk's mother for sharing this.
So Transfers drum roll please.......... I will be getting transferred back to Silverdale in the Silverdale 1st ward as a Zone Leader over the Silverdale Zone (Silverdale Stake) this will be my 6th transfer in Silverdale. I will be with Elder Johnson. He is a great missionary hard working, and obedient. So perks to being a Zone Leader 1. You always get a car 2. You get a great companion because your both Zone Leaders so you have to be the example missionary for the other missionaries. 3. You usually get a pretty good area because the ward has to be an example for the other wards, and they are always very central in the stake. 4. I get my own phone, no more sharing a phone between the two of us. So Elder Johnson and myself are the Zone Leaders in the Silverdale Stake in Washington. Also there is only 10 other companionships in the mission that are Zone Leaders. I give you my solemn testimony that God will answer you if you have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and ask with real intent. I have a testimony, a sure testimony that Christ LIVES. I do not say or write that lightly he does in fact LIVE. If your testimony is struggling if you don't know the church is true yet or that God lives or loves you, then I invite you to lean wholly upon mine. I love this Gospel it is Eternal and will help us when we need it, and allow us to help others when they need it. I bear you my testimony of the Book of Mormon that it is the Stick of Ephraim that is talked about in Ezekiel 37, and that The Bible (KJV) is the stick of Judah. That those two books written by Prophets and Apostles by the Grace of God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ are a force for Good and that they are both TRUE. I leave that with you my beloved family, In the Sacred name of Jesus Christ Amen. That's all the time I have this week Love you all so much and don't worry about me the Lord's loving hand is in this. I hope you have a safe productive week. and I will talk to you soon. Love, Elder Kaden Werk

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