Monday, September 28, 2015

I had a lot of unexpected great moments this week...

It started with Monday night when I got home and got a really sweet letter from my beautiful mom. Then on Tuesday I got a call from the elders in the Tumwater 2nd Ward telling me that there was a lady I taught 6 months ago who was getting baptized. I was the one who found her and she asked me to baptize her. It was really heart touching to know she remembered me and felt close enough to ask me to be with her.

Needless to say, Saturday was wonderful! I got to go back down south to get in the water with Debra. The spirit was very strong as always. But during the closing hymn of (How Great Thou Art) it was a special moment. And as the week continued on we saw wonderful tender mercies We met 4 separate people this week who agreed to be baptized on October 10th.

I do have a firm testimony of being humble. I’ve noticed it throughout my whole life. I know that as we are humble and don't proclaim about our-self and remember there is always someone else who is in-charge. I know that if we are not humble we will be humbled. And that is not easy... I’m grateful for the humbling experience this mission has been and continues to be.

I love you all. Thank you for the constant support. It means a lot.

-Elder Johnson

Monday, September 21, 2015

It’s been a good week as always...

Well it’s been a good week as always. We had transfer meeting Tuesday where me and Elder Werk picked up our new greenie (Elder Porter) and the 4th elder in the foursome (Elder Chesley). It is the same situation I was in when I first came in the mission. Except now I’m the zone leader and not the greenie. So, both me and Elder Werk are training Elder Porter. I really enjoy being in a foursome. It’s nice to be able to switch things up and be with new people often.

We had a cool experience this week of finding a lot of success in finding new people to teach. It’s odd though… most of the people we found to teach this week were 14-18 year old boys. In the past I haven’t had much success with that age group but it’s really cool to see how the Lord has prepared each one of the kids throughout their own life to be baptized.

We also had stake conference this past weekend and it was focused on councils, family councils ward councils etc... at first I thought "pssh this doesn't apply to me, I don't have a family council I’m on a mission." But then I quickly repented and realized that I will have a family sometime. The more I learn now the better person I’ll be later for God and my family. I need all the help I can get so I better learn all I can when I can.

Other than that it’s been a blast. It’s a lot of fun being with four people. It’s very stressful but well worth it. I know that worse things have happened and I have been learning a lot from a lot of people.

-Elder Johnson

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I was really able to see his full circle of his conversion...

Well transfer calls are here! I am staying here in Silverdale with Elder Werk. We are getting 2 other missionaries to join us though! I am excited to be in a 4-some again. It’s been almost a year since I have been in one and I really enjoy it. It has been a good transfer. It’s always a good transfer when you’re on a mission though.

Well the coolest thing that happened this week was last night. There was a baptism of a man I got pretty close to down in Olympia. And since we haven't had one in the past six weeks it was really a great reminder of God’s love for all of us and of the perfect timing he has for everything. It was really special. The last time I saw this man he was drunk as a skunk. So I feel I was really able to see his full circle of his conversion. The man I saw last night enter the waters was a whole different person. Most the time in the mission you get to see the change and since it happens so gradually you don't see the big picture and see how huge the change can be. So it was special to take a step back for 8 or so months and then go see the product of months of getting to know Christ and using the atonement.

Well sorry to cut it short this week. We’ve got a bit of a drive today so I gotta go. I love you all and are so, so grateful for the support I receive from everyone. It means the world.

-Elder Johnson

dad: Yeah, so it’s a pretty big zone 20 missionaries now. We only travel for exchanges and we go to district meeting up north sometimes and that’s about a 30 min drive. For transfers we will be going to pick up the 2 new people. So it’s nice not to have to worry about any of our stuff!

Monday, September 7, 2015

I love being here so much...

Well it was a busy, busy week full of meetings on top of meetings! All went very well. A meeting that was really unique this week was zone conference. The topic was obstacles that we come across as missionaries and very specific solutions for them. But the part I really enjoyed was the topic of hope. We talked about and how we all need both a firm hope and a sure hope in Christ.

The other meeting was MLC (mission leadership council) where we talked a lot about leadership skills and how we can help others (missionaries, members, investigators). It was a really inspiring meeting as we, as leaders, were able to get together, get motivated and then be able to carry that back to the missionaries we serve.

As a mission this week were fasting to be more effective with members. We saw results real quick as we went to ward council and had a wonderful discussion with them. We saw the whole ward council get more exited about the work. I know it’s so small but it means so much to see these tender mercies all over.

I love being here so much. I’ve had so many blessing and I think I’ve noticed a lot of them. But I know there are so many more that I don’t even realize or recognize. I’ve been trying more and more to recognize them. It’s something I pray very specifically for. I LOVE this mission. It’s meant the world to me. If someone out there is just thinking about a mission… start preparing for one! At least it will not hurt you.

Everyone be safe this week. You'll be in my prayers.

-Elder Johnson