Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I don’t know if I’ve ever had a better birthday...

Well this week was great as always. I got to go on a final temple trip with all the missionaries who are going home with me. It’s been a huge blessing to see the changes made in our lives because of the mission.  It was inspiring to be able to go and be in the House of the Lord and learn from Him as well as give thanks. 

Lift up your hearts and rejoice, for unto you the kingdom, or in other words, the keys of the church have been given. Even so amen. (D&C 42:69) 

We have keys in this church! Many leaders we work with have these keys, the same authority and power that was given in times of old. I have seen firsthand people who righteously have these keys and exercise them for Christ’s cause. I have been influenced by many church leaders in my life. But never have I appreciated what they have done for me as much as I have on my mission. I can now look back and see the caring leaders who worked diligently to help me grow spiritually as they helped me to the iron rod.

At first glance it seems we have many strange rules on a mission, especially in the WA-Tac. At the beginning of my mission they were very frustrating. Some rules seemed so small, as if it wouldn’t affect me if I just didn’t keep them. Unlike the commandments in the church where you often can see why you would like to obey them, the rules in the mission field seem to be a little more camouflaged to as of why we keep them (at least that’s how I felt at the start of my mission). But these rules are all here for a reason. They were not just put there to limit. I know that inspired men lead this work. We need to obey their council whenever they see fit to give it to us. I find peace and safety following my leaders now. It no longer feels binding. I feel more direction in my life and God’s hands are working through his servants.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. ! I am so blessed everyday though. Never have I felt more blessed to have a family who is sealed forever. I love them but I love my savior, Jesus Christ, even more.

-Elder Thomas Johnson 

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  1. Thomas, Thank you for sharing this sweet testimony. Uncle Chief