Monday, June 13, 2016

I could go on and on for what I have learned...

What a great week again. We have seen a lot of good things happen this week. I don't feel I have ever been so busy on my mission. I feel as if we are always teaching someone something or having to be somewhere to do stuff. I feel so blessed to be where I am. Our health is good and things are moving quickly. 

It feels as if we have hit a bit of a slow patch as far as seeing people progress to the waters of baptism which is frustrating because I’ve never tried harder for that. I understand that people can choose for themselves and I am grateful for that. But sometimes I wish people would pick more righteously… haha 

I have so much rushing through my mind I wish I could tell you about everything. But the point is to really love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel I have learned about it on my mission, more than ever before. Even more so I’ve come to a better understanding of the atonement and with that come a desire to share the gospel. Learning all of this has changed some major priorities in my life. The things that came first before my mission have been replaced with faith in Jesus Christ and a desire to put others first instead of myself. I could go on and on for what I have learned but now is not the time. Stay safe this week and thank you for the support.

-Elder Thomas Johnson 

Things are going well. I’m sorry I don’t write about specifically who I am teaching. I just wouldn't want that to be posted on the internet if I was one of our investigators. 

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