Monday, July 4, 2016

I suppose this dream is about to end...

Holy smokes what a week! Elder Bird got a pretty gnarly concision on Monday but still worked. He’s a good kid to treat me so well. He understands how important it is to me to keep working.

At the end of a race there is always a big voice in your head telling you to slow down or stop. But at the end of the race you also have a new sense of inspiration knowing the end is near. You understand that if you don’t give it your best now, you will feel regret later and not live up to what you’ve worked so hard to be.

A mission, I feel, is similar but different in a few ways. In a mission there is no 1st or last place. No medals should be awarded. After crossing the finish line of a mission you can choose to take a breather and rest or keep going. As I understand it, when I cross the mission finish line next Wednesday I get to work just as hard with a similar purpose as I have had on a mission but doing it from a different perspective. 

I had my last interview with President Blatter this week. I have loved serving with that man. I feel so blessed to to have him direct this work while I have served here. I feel as if he has taught me at every chance he has by testifying of Christ.

Well, I suppose this dream is about to end. But until I get on that plane I’m going to have one more magical week. I’ve wanted to serve a mission ever since I was a child and I am forever grateful I served a mission here. 

-Elder Thomas Johnson

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  1. Elder Thomas, Thank you for all your letters, and Kurt for making sure we have had a chance to read them. We have enjoyed your mission with you.
    Uncle Chief.