Monday, February 22, 2016

Time seemed to have flown by fast...

Last week of this transfer! I will find out Saturday what is going to happen to me. :)

As for this past week… it’s been pretty good! Time seemed to have flown by fast. While we were busy teaching a lot of different people not much seemed to have happened!

We did have a wonderful musical fireside last night and I look forward to the one this next week in Silverdale! I look forward to going back up to my old area to sing. At these musical firesides we sing some classic hymns but our version of them. Hymns like Amazing Grace, Called to Serve, Battle Hymn of the Republic, and the EFY medley. Recent converts also bear testimony during the fireside. It really is a powerful thing to be a part of. During the song Amazing Grace I always feel so humble for all I have received from my Heavenly Father.

This next week is stake conference. I’m excited for that as well. We seem to have a busy week in front of us. Days and nights are full of scheduled appointments. I feel like I’m finally getting a hold on how to do missionary work a little bit. haha

Although it’s been a busy week I don’t have much to report from this week, I love my mission so much. These missionaries I serve around have become my best friends. I love them. I love the people of Gig Harbor. Each and every investigator I devote all my time and efforts to help them get closer to Jesus Christ.

-Elder Thomas Johnson

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  1. Those musical firesides sound awesome! Is there any recordings out there that we could listen to?

    When I was on my mission listening to the testimonies of recent converts was always powerful.

    God bless and I love you.