Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I hope this note will make your heart swell with pride...

Note: The following message was sent to Elder Johnson's parents via Facebook. (and parents love to brag about their children)
Hi, I live in Olympia 4th Ward. I'm sure you recall that your son served here for a very short time. He did great work, planted some seeds and moved on. I remember being touched when you wrote to our ward page to thank us for our kindness to your son. I thought it was such a nice gesture. 
So today, a woman visiting from the ward he is currently serving in, asked her to look up a few people from our ward. For the life of me I cannot remember her name but her daughter is in Oly 4th ward. Anyway, he wanted to know how I was doing. Of course I remembered him and shared a few things with her that came to my mind about him. He also asked about a few people that she did not know. None of whom were at church today. I gave her updates to send back to him.
What an amazing son you have. He has such a sweet heart, a great memory and incredible sensitivity to those he serves. I plan to write a note to him as well but I wanted you to know that your son is every bit as delightful as you think he is. What a pleasure to know him. I have a daughter currently serving a mission. I long for every tidbit of information I get from her and about her. I hope this note will make your heart swell with pride. You've raised a good man.


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