Monday, September 7, 2015

I love being here so much...

Well it was a busy, busy week full of meetings on top of meetings! All went very well. A meeting that was really unique this week was zone conference. The topic was obstacles that we come across as missionaries and very specific solutions for them. But the part I really enjoyed was the topic of hope. We talked about and how we all need both a firm hope and a sure hope in Christ.

The other meeting was MLC (mission leadership council) where we talked a lot about leadership skills and how we can help others (missionaries, members, investigators). It was a really inspiring meeting as we, as leaders, were able to get together, get motivated and then be able to carry that back to the missionaries we serve.

As a mission this week were fasting to be more effective with members. We saw results real quick as we went to ward council and had a wonderful discussion with them. We saw the whole ward council get more exited about the work. I know it’s so small but it means so much to see these tender mercies all over.

I love being here so much. I’ve had so many blessing and I think I’ve noticed a lot of them. But I know there are so many more that I don’t even realize or recognize. I’ve been trying more and more to recognize them. It’s something I pray very specifically for. I LOVE this mission. It’s meant the world to me. If someone out there is just thinking about a mission… start preparing for one! At least it will not hurt you.

Everyone be safe this week. You'll be in my prayers.

-Elder Johnson

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