Monday, July 6, 2015

We've had a busy week, full of meetings...

Elders Johnson & Irava
Weird week. So, we've had a busy week, full of meetings which is great. But also kind of sucks because were not out talking to non-members as much. We do have a chance to learn and grow so we can share more with others.

One meeting really stood out to me this week. President Blatter gave a training on charity and what it means to us as Latter Day Saints as well as missionaries serving God. It was very enlightening. Charity might be the thing I have struggled most with on my mission. I have the hardest time loving someone who persecutes me. But, without charity, I am nothing. So I’ll be working on that by continuing to learn more and more on the Atonement. It’s funny how everything really does circle back to those last few days of Christ mortal life… so beautiful.

Elders Irava, Tani, Johnson
As for the 4th of July… we were asked to do our 2 hours of knocking before the normal 5-7pm. Then we had to be home by 8 and try not to agitate people as much as possible. So after we knocked, we visited the members in our wards. It was odd to experience the 4th of July with someone who had no idea what it was. So I got to explain to Elder Irava why we celebrate the day. It made me very proud to be in this blessed country.

This past week we got be a part of a marriage! Yeah, it was awesome. There is a family here where the father is not a member. He had decided he wanted to join so they went on a week long vacation this week and got married. We look forward to teaching him the last 3 lessons and then seeing him join his family in membership in the church. I look forward so seeing them sealed in a year. I've been so blessed and often don’t understand why but I am grateful to be able to witness this great miracle.

-Elder Johnson
Mission Leadership Training Meeting

Apparently Elder Johnson likes cookies

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