Monday, July 13, 2015

Silverdale has been very good to me...

Hey! So it was a great week as usual up here in the Wa-Tac. Me and Elder Irava got to celebrate our year marks on July 9th by knocking doors all day. Silverdale has been very good to me. I’ve enjoyed it up here so far. On a clear days we can see the Olympics from our area and it reminds me just a little of home. It is comforting. The weather this past week has been good. At first it was way hot. I was able to get my tan back that I lost this winter. Then the weekend was cloudy and it even rained a bit yesterday. All in all it was nice.

We had zone meeting this past week where the whole zone gets together and a training is given by the zone leaders based on the training they received at MLC (mission leadership council). I think it went really well. As a zone we set a goal to have 11 baptisms in the month of August and I look forward to striving for that goal. The training was given on casting stones and the power of charity.

We went on a few exchanges this week, one with a district leader in our zone. I went to Poulsbo and it was so beautiful over there! Nice small town on the sound. It was great! The other is the AP's came and did an exchange with us which was fun. We got to stay in our own area and have 4 elder working in the area for a day instead of just 2.

I’ve had a wonderful week here I’m sorry it’s so short we have things to get done. I love you all. Thanks for the support.

Elder Johnson

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