Monday, July 20, 2015

We had zone conference this week...

We had zone conference this week. It was wonderful. I was reminded of mine own conversion to the Book of Mormon by some of the training we revised. It is always nice to have a large part of the mission together.

We had been teaching this lady who has wanted to join for a while but her husband wouldn't let her. So me and Elder Irava had been praying that, some way, we would be able help her get to church. Well, last week her husband passed away. It’s sad to see the sorrow of death come into her life but she is glad she will be able to attend church and join. I wouldn’t call it a blessing but it is a good thing. She will be able to feel the joy of the fullness of the gospel.

We also got to have a beautiful baptism in the Puget Sound this past week it was really beautiful and unique. The baptisms in the sound have always been my favorite. Always the coldest as well. I would invite all of you to find time this week to reevaluate your testimony and see what you haven’t refreshed for a while. I’ve found that without reevaluating our lives then acting on the information found there can be no progress or growth. I also urge all of you to follow the advice that Elder Packer gave years back and leave whatever you are holding onto alone. Bury your swords of rebellion.

I love you all and are grateful for many of you but even more so I’m grateful for my loving Heavenly Father.

I will be sending more letters by hand since the time here is so limited.

-Elder Johnson

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