Monday, May 4, 2015

I came to somewhat of a conclusion...

Well, it was a waaaay beautiful week this week. The sun was out almost all week. Since summer is beginning here, it means a lot of people have started logging for firewood this summer. So this week we spent a lot of time chopping down trees and splitting lots of wood. The good news… everyone is safe. One of the more sketchy experiences was being 40 ft. up in a tree, cutting it down from the top down with a chainsaw. At least it is something I won’t forget.

This week I was able to give training to the zone. Usually they go well and such. But, this week was especially enlightening. The topic was "we invite, they commit, we follow up". I was really thinking of how Christ applied this principle and I came to somewhat of a conclusion. I often have a hard time finding that line where we, as missionaries, are. Too bold to the point…we are rude and say things that are not in our place to say. While studying Christ life, I found that he was never condemning of people. He always condemned sin but never condemned people. It’s so hard for me to find the difference sometimes and I think it might just go back to having honest charity for people.

Along with chopping wood, we met a lot of member’s friends… (while being covered in wood chips) So, it was great to be able to help these people out and continue to talk and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was sad to hear this past little bit that one of my former companions went home along with 3 other missionaries. Rumor has it they will be coming back out and I look forward to seeing them again.

It’s great to see summer coming. I sure have missed to sun and it makes everything so beautiful. This area is exactly what I pictured Washington to be. I do love it.

-Elder Johnson

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