Monday, May 11, 2015

I was able to see how everything counts...

Of course the highlight of this week was talking to my wonderful parents… always brings me comfort. But even besides that, I had an incredible week! We were able to find a lot of solid new investigators. 

One testimony building experience was while knocking a street that's out in the country. The street alone is 2 miles long and there's a home maybe every 150 meters. We got to an open field and there was a home about half a mile away and that was it. Elder MacQueen said we should turn around and start knocking the homes on the other side of the street back to the car. But, it was a sunny day and walking never killed anyone. So we walked to the home and, lucky enough, the people who had just moved into the home had recently gone through a lot of hard times. The father has been less active for many years but the mom isn't and neither are any of the children. So we will start teaching them. I am excited to do that. I was able to see how everything counts. Every home we knock or every person we don't talk to can count. 

I’m sorry to keep it short but since I spend a while talking to my parents yesterday, I’m all talked out. I’m happy to be here and it’s going by faster then I want it to.   

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