Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"So what?"...

What a beautiful week it truly has been. The sun has been out and we've enjoyed every moment of it by doing a lot of finding with knocking and walking around talking to everyone.

We have had some really spectacular lessons with the Laxon family and it’s been wonderful to see them grow in knowledge. I just wish they'd realize the many blessings of the spirit could bring in their life if they had it. It’s remarkable how the spirit can bring new information into our lives even if it does not necessarily tell us. It will lead us to answers. It’s the opportunity to go throughout our life with an all-knowing being. What a great blessing.

While learning all these many things in the scriptures this week, I was reminded of a moment during my dad’s defense of his dissertation. After presenting all the information he had gained over his studies, he was asked many questions. One has stuck with me for a long time. It was asked by a dear friend. It was a very profound yet simple question "so what?" Meaning… now my dad has presented all this new information what’s going to happen now? Where is this all going to go? What’s going to happen? My dad proceeded to go on and present how the new information would benefit the people it pertained to.

 This week I was thinking about simple question and asked myself it. So shy am I learning all this stuff? What am I going to do about it? It think this is a question we can ask yourself on many occasions. If we are getting all this knowledge and learning so much but aren’t applying it at all why does it matter? Learning all these many principles is one thing but to apply them all can be the hard part. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn more and more but I wish I could apply it better. But I’m still trying.

Thank you all for the support again I’m grateful for all the many incredible influences I’ve had in my life and that I continue to have.

-Elder Johnson

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