Wednesday, April 29, 2015

This all seems to be flying by...

Well another week gone by. I wish I could grab a hold of it all and just stop it. It’s all blended together. But anyways… this past week I went on exchanges with some elders, so I got to go with Elder Darling who I happen to be related to. So that’s rad.

Elder Macqueen is doing very well. He is willing to work hard. The adjustment is still hard for him sometimes and needs reminding it was and is hard for everyone at times. I’ve learned a lot about charity and love for my fellow man from him and feel blessed to have him as a companion.

This week we have been working a lot with a family that just moved here. The father is from American Samoa, the mother from Hawaii, along with another family who has a young child. I have really enjoyed working with families mostly because I realize how much this gospel can bless a whole family rather then just individually. I do hope to at some point on my mission teach someone who goes on a mission themselves.

I've been thinking a lot about a scripture (D&C 107: 99-100) and how important and how much of a blessing commandments are. We are commanded by God to do so many things in this mortal life and there are a lot of reasons why. But, most importantly, we do these things so God is able to give us things back… specific blessings. And the most great of all these blessings is to be able to stand before Him again one day.

Things are going well. The sun is coming out and that, surprisingly, helps me so much. I’m exited for winter and love to hear about everyone getting mission calls back home in Utah. What a great place to be from.

-Elder Johnson

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