Monday, April 20, 2015

It’s a different kind of happiness...

What a beautiful week in the Wa Tac Mission! The sun has been out and the birds sing. There’s been a few days this week I’ve made Elder Macqueen get on a bike and bike around instead of drive… since it’s so beautiful and we need to save on miles.

This week we had zone conference (as you've seen pictures of). It is always very enlightening and spiritually draining. We had some wonderful training on how to improve our studies along with finding. And a very incredible training on grace. I was able to learn a lot from it. I feel I have changed a lot on a mission but I also feel I have a lot more to change before I go home in little over a year. At zone conference we were informed on TIWI a device that goes inside our car. It tracks our information and reports back to president so he knows how far and fast we go. It also will tells us if we are going too fast or driving aggressively... ya it'll take a while to get used to. I don't like it but I think it will keep a lot of more people safe.

It was awesome to see so much happen this week. We sat down to weekly plan for next week and took a look at what’s going on. Pleasantly we saw that we have a lot of things going on. I felt very blessed to see so much happening and to be working with so many people at once. I really hope and pray to be able to help these people come to Christ in any way possible. It’s very stressful sometimes. I care so much about these people and realize the only way for them to be honestly happy is by coming closer to Christ. I hope I am able to help with that

I am very happy here. Like I’ve said, it’s a different kind of happiness. I don’t ever feel content anymore. I always want to improve and change to be better. But I’m so happy to be here… to have people around me I can help. It’s a real blessing to be so busy helping others not have time for myself. It’s something I’ve always wanted and it’s what I’ve been able to find here in Washington.

-Elder Johnson

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