Monday, April 6, 2015

It was nice to have such a spiritual week...

Well, I know it’s only been a week but I feel like so much more has happened! I got my new companion on Tuesday. His name is Elder MacQueen from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He reminds me a lot of the Smith family that I’m related to in the fact he is very loving and passionate about what he does. It’s fun to be able to work around him. It’s unique to start from the bottom up again with a kid from the MTC (although he’s 21). We've enjoyed the time together so far.

We were in Tacoma for a few days this week receiving training. It was nice to have such a spiritual week with General Conference on top of the trainings. I especially enjoyed the Sunday sessions of Conference. Sister Wixon’s talk on faith was extraordinary.

But the one that perhaps touched my heart the most was Bishop Causse… about how often we go numb and need to remember the simple truths we are taught growing up. "I know that I am God’s child" is the foundation for me. All that I believe is based off of that simple truth. That is a truth that cannot be taken from me since I have that truth.

I have added a few more and my knowledge of truth has been growing very slowly. I can say I believe a lot of things but my knowledge of things is still very small. But I hope to grow and continue to know more.

I will hopefully write more next week. I’m sorry I have to keep it short again. This week were busy busy busy.

-Elder Johnson

Trainers waiting for their new missionaries.

A traditional welcome for new companions from the MTC.

Elder Johnson and Elder Mitchell (a cousin via the Smith family) 
Elder MacQueen and Elder Johnson watching General Conference
Playing games with members between Conference sessions.

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