Monday, March 2, 2015

This week has been full of knocking doors...

Since there weren't all that many scheduled appointments this week, we decided to focus on finding. The way missionaries find in the WA-TAC is by knocking. So that's what we did this week. We knocked and knocked and had a lot of success. We were blessed to find quite a few new people to teach and this next week is very full with appointments. That's great to see. It was especially satisfying when we were able to find a family who is interested and ready to hear the gospel. I am excited to meet with them and share the knowledge we have been blessed with.

 I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Rasmussen this past week and it went well. Since we had ran out of miles for the month, we were on bike for the day which I enjoyed. Most the day we spent knocking. I think I was able to learn a few things I need to work on so it went well. We spend most our knocking by lakes because we are able to get a beautiful view while doing the Lord’s work.

This is what I expected Washington to be like when I first got my call. It’s very wet, beautiful, and cloudy. I am enjoying very much. Maybe not somewhere I would live but it is a cool place.

Elder Ward and I have been getting along super well. He is a very hard worker and always wants to stay busy. We have similar personality which make it easier to get along with each other. We have a lot of fun while knocking doors.

 I love you all. Its wonderful hearing about so many people back home getting their mission calls… your all in for the adventure of your lives! Thank you again for the support I receive from friends and, most of all, family. I love you. You’re in my prayers.

-Elder Johnson

Photos are from the Elma Missionary Music "Why I Believe" New Convert Fireside.  Compliments of President and Sister Blatter's blog. 

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