Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We share as humans… share what we love.

Well, it has really been feeling like spring this past week. The sun was out, trees were in bloom and daylight savings hit us yesterday. We are all enjoying the sun we are getting

The week has gone well. We spent a lot of time “finding” in a few different ways but with very little success. Where we did find success was in the strangest of places… It was the simple yelling across an apartment complex to see if the guy 25 yds. away wanted to know about a modern prophet or going to see at 8:45pm the less active member who no one in the ward had ever heard of.

We do have a few people who do keep getting closer to Christ that we work with. There are two 11 year old girls we are working with who are progressing really fast. It’s wonderful to see them grow closer to Christ and become happier.

This past week we had a few members of the Quorum of the Seventy came to visit and give trainings. It was very enlightening. One of the focuses that made was the relation between fear and faith, how if we, as missionaries, have fear we won’t open our mouths. We won’t be as eager to share with people. And the way to overcome this fear we might have is by gaining faith.

John teaches the exact same principle just thousands of years ago. If we recall in John 4:18 "Perfect love castith out all fear". What a true principle! When it comes to anything if there's something that makes us happy in life we share it, whether beliefs or a book, movie, sport. We share as humans… share what we love. Look on Facebook! We only share what we love. IF I as a missionary love my beliefs honestly, I will want to share it with people. I will want to share what makes me happy. It is when I don't honestly love what I believe when fear sneaks in and a desire to share will go away.

I am grateful to be here on a mission. I am grateful for the gifts God has given me and for the gospel. I have learned that there are answers that make sense to every question in this gospel. It truly is the fullness of Christ’s church. I hope everyone's week goes well and you all stay safe.

-Elder Johnson

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