Monday, February 23, 2015

It was kind of a cool, unique situation...

Hey! It’s been a good week, very exciting and busy.

The area I’m in is very large. It would take about 30 min to drive from one side to the other on the interstate. It’s been exciting getting to know a new area. While there aren’t many investigators here right now, there will be soon! We were able to teach two 14 year old girls this week and they are on date for baptism on the 21st. It’s exciting to see.

 It’s been great being with Elder Ward. He is a super funny guy. We get along well. It was pretty cool this week…we were knocking doors during the day. We got to talk to someone who wanted to learn more and would ask questions. Eventually, we found out it was his day off work and we asked him if he wanted to go drive over to the church house and look around. Rather enthusiastically he said, “yes.” So, we went over and gave him a church tour. It was kind of a cool, unique situation.

 There were also a few other unique situations… one with a recent convert that I was quite close to running away. I got special permission to go talk to him after he came home. Very exciting week. 

I’ve found that lately that it’s really quite easy to argue with people and sometimes I enjoy it more then I should. I start to get defensive and try to prove that all the "problems" or "faults" that people find in our church or its doctrine. They all have answers. They all have solutions and it’s beautiful. It can be so easy to sit there and prove to people why this gospel really does have the full truth and it’s beautiful. I’ve also found that brings almost always nothing at all. By arguing nothing will get done but there’s a difference between arguing and stating truth.

-Elder Johnson

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