Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Lesson Got Turned Around...

Note from Thomas' Parents:  
We moved on Thomas' p-day.  When we left Logan, we did not know where we would be living in Laie, Hawaii.  Thus, Thomas didn't know where to send mail.  Also, in a hand-written letter last week, Thomas talked a lot about the abundance of Blackberries.  Thus, the photos this week.

From Thomas:  
The week has been good. I was going to send a letter... but I don't know where to send it.. haha. I have a few stories in that letter but here is another.

There is this family in our ward, the Wee's.  They are a very active older couple who has a grandchild who is about 25 who's not a member and has investigated the church before. It always ended up with him kicking the missionaries out of the home.

They came up to us this past week saying they wanted us to talk to there grandchild again (Jeremy).  Not knowing what was going to happen Elder Anderson and Kleine sent me and Elder Reidhead over. We got in to his home he was very defensive and not the most happy we were there. But we were able to sit down and invite the spirit and the lesson got turned around. All went well and we left the house with him asking if we could come back another time to learn more!

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