Monday, August 18, 2014

Take It Day By Day...

We have a weekly conference call in which the whole mission is in a chat room over our cell phones. This past week we started recording how many people we talk to while we just walk on the streets. As a mission we talked to over 8000 people outside our knocking session and lessons. That is 8000 strangers a week we offer ever- lasting happiness to. 

In our area we have a goal of 8 baptisms this month. Right now we have 6 on date. Of those 6 only 1 is a progressing investigator. More or less, it is very easy to put people on date but it's hard to have people keep commitments. It gets very frustrating when we have stuff lined up and it all falls through. I can see how much baptism would do for them... that our Heavenly Father loves them and they need this gospel. But they're holding themselves back and it just hurts to see that happen. 

Yesterday  after we attended youth Sunday school, a young women came up to us and explained how she had been coming to church with her boyfriend for the past while and would like to be baptized.. So yah,... that happened. She's going to be baptized on Friday and we could not be more exited. Friday will be my one month mark of being in the mission field also. 

Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days is a true statement for the mission. While it feels like I just came out on my mission, it's already been more then a month. It's incredible. i don't like to think of a mission being 2 years long because that hurts. It seems like I won't make it 2 years. But, as I take it day by day, it makes time go by fast. 

Thank you to my friends who have supported me. I love reading letters/emails. They strengthen and help me keep going. I miss you all very much.

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