Monday, August 4, 2014

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words...

It's been a good, hot week.  It is humid here and the heat doesn't seem to stop coming. I'm learning to love all who I am with.  I have been put into a companionship with 4 elders... 2 zone leaders, me and another kid. The zone leaders are Elder Anderson and Elder Kleine, both phenomenal missionaries.  They are very loving and patient with me. The other one is Elder Reidhead. We have a great time and are working hard. Things get easier each and everyday.

Washington is beautiful. There are so many trees! It's unbelievable. Missionary work here is far from what I thought it would be. We knock doors most all days. We teach around 5 lessons a day but I have only had one lesson so far that we've sat on a couch inside a home. The rest are just on door steps.

(As an added bonus, Thomas Elder Johnson sent a bunch of photos!)...

MTC Photos
MTC Bedroom

MTC Zone Leaders, Elder Clark & Elder Johnson

MTC Companions, Elder Clark & Elder Johnson

MTC District at Provo Temple

MTC Branch President?

MTC District

MTC: Not sure about the face

MTC Classroom

That face again

MTC District

In Tacoma

1st Companion, Elder Anderson (from Tremonton)

Overlooking the Puget Sound


Bremerton: Port Washington Narrows

Bremerton: View from apartment

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  1. Thanks for the great photos. Keep the faith.