Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Two for one..

A note from Elder Johnson's parents....
We have been negligent getting email messages posted from the last two weeks.  Thus, you get a bonus this week.  Two weeks worth of messages.
April 25, 2016

Well, I’m sorry but yet again I don’t feel much has changed this past week besides the weather. Ha-ha! It was super sunny at the beginning of the week but as time went on it got a little more cloudy and gloomy. But I didn’t email you to tell you the weather. You would have gone to another website for that huh.

Its been a wonderful week in the Wa-Tac. I feel so blessed this week for many things, but two in particular. First, the blessing I have to be on a mission. My whole life I’ve wanted this! I’m so happy to finally make it here. : ) I always find myself telling Elder Simkins that I can’t believe how real this is! It’s so remarkable!

The second thing is that I’m so blessed to be in THIS mission! holy smokes I honestly would have had been so happy to be anywhere on a mission but I get to be here! this place I’m serving in is so beautiful. It really isn’t the geographical land that makes this place so wonderful. It’s the people here! I love the people. I get to serve. I came out here for my investigators. I wanted to help others that didn't know this gospel. But as I’ve been here I’ve found that it is not just them, it’s about everyone I’m around… church leaders to people I pass on the street. But most importantly it’s about serving God and letting him serve you to the fullest.

-Elder Thomas Johnson

P.S.- I am staying with Elder Simkins I am happy about that.

May 2, 2016

Well this week I get to talk to you (Mother’s Day) so I don’t know how much I have to share!  But yet again its been a wonderful week.  I have no particular reason its been so good. It just that it is always a good week when your serving God in any position you are in.

I suppose since I don’t have much to say I will talk a little about what we really do everyday. I’ve told you before my daily schedule but in my current areas the schedule is the same. We are doing more teaching now then perhaps my whole mission which means is a result a lot more planning! Planning is something I’ve learned to love on my mission. We have to plan not only when and where we will be but also about those we teach. When we teach someone we get to plan very specifically what we will teach and how we will teach. I love planning for that very specifically. It’s so satisfying getting counseled by the Holy Ghost what to talk about. And when you finally get to teach them you really realize it is exactly what they needed to hear at that time. 

The week for you seems to always to be an adventure it always comforting to me to see you safe and happy. 

-Elder Thomas Johnson

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