Tuesday, May 24, 2016

So I will be happy...

This week we got lots of great opportunities to feel the spirit in a way that we usually don’t. We got to go to the temple as a mission this past week which only happens once a year. It was my 3rd time being able to go through, a very special experience. The temple is one of the rare places for a missionary. It’s a place that, rather than teaching others, we are all taught. It is something I look forward to being more involved with when I go home.

In Poulsbo there was the annual "Viking Fest." It is more or less a fair that is Viking themed. It turns out that everyone who doesn't answer there door to talk to us will talk to us at Viking fest. At least that is what it felt like.  (Note: the photo is from a member's Facebook post and came with the following caption... "It was fun seeing some awesome elders while we were there. Elder Thomas Johnson saw me taking a pic from across the street and had to be funny!!! It was a good place for them to talk to people!"

We had another missionary "Why I Believe" fireside. I believe I have described those in the past. But it’s an hour-ish long fireside where we, as missionaries (about 50), sing a few songs and recent converts share their story with everyone. I really love these firesides. It’s one of the things that make this mission what it is. I sure do love where I am. I’ve always wanted to go on a mission. On top of being on a mission, it’s just another blessing to be able to serve in this mission!

Transfer calls are this week so next Monday. I will know where my last area on my mission will be. I would not be surprised if I stay or are moved. Whatever happens, I will be staying inside the Washington Tacoma Mission so I will be happy.

-Elder Thomas Johnson

PS... a story from one of Elder Johnson's former companions who is now serving in an adjoining area of Poulsbo.
If you remember, Elder Johnson liked to play pranks with his companions when we were all in Gig Harbor…He still likes to play pranks. At the beginning of the transfer, he and Elder Simkins broke into our apartment, and put an opened can of tuna under Elder Anderson’s bed. They would always bring up tuna in conversations, and we kept wondering why they did. A few days ago, it started smelling really bad in our bedroom, and we found the tuna. Up to that point, we hadn’t found it yet, and they were disappointed that we hadn’t. A day before that point, they had broken in again to pour some juice from a different can into the already moldy can so that it would start to smell. They were about to leave when they saw us coming up the steps, and they hid. Elder Johnson told Elder Simkins to hide outside on the deck, and Johnson hid behind the shower curtain. Elder Anderson went over to the air conditioner to adjust it with Elder Simkins right behind the window. I went to the bathroom mirror to retie my tie. We have a clear shower curtain, but I didn’t notice him. Nor did Elder Anderson see Elder Simkins. It was around 3 o’clock so I asked Elder Anderson if he wanted to take dinner now, and start knocking early, or go street contacting, then come back at 4 for dinner. Elder Johnson was willing and ready to wait there for a whole hour, but luckily (for him) Elder Anderson said to take dinner at 4. So we left, and a few minutes after, Elder Johnson and Elder Simkins left undetected. That night, we started smelling something fishy. In the morning, when they picked us up for running, I put it under their car seat. It smelled very bad however, so they found it quickly after they dropped us off…. Any ideas for getting them back?

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