Monday, December 28, 2015

What a great time of year...

Well I don't have much to add since I last talked to home on Friday. And it was so wonderful! To see my parents face is the best Christmas gift I could have gotten this season, although I did appreciate the multiple Christmas packages!

What a great time of year! It’s frustrating as a missionary because it is the best season to talk about Jesus Christ yet everyone is busy with other things. Maybe I’m just bitter. I don’t spend the season with my family. I dunno haha. But really I love being a missionary this time of year!
We had our mission Christmas party this week. It’s the one time a year the whole mission gets together in one place to have a good time! And boy Sister Blatter know how to through a party I am so so grateful for her and the time and effort she and many other took to let 150+ missionaries have a good time. I am so blessed to be in a place where I am loved and cared for by many. At the Christmas party we sing songs as a mission. We do skits. We have lunch. There is no really way to describe what happens. Just think of 150 kids get to truly let loose for one day in a year and that's what is.

I am doing well. The Skype home got me really really exited for the next 6 months. Time seems to fly by faster and faster now. I feel I get less and less done in the time I am given. I look forward to continue to grow this last 6 months as I prepare others to enter into the waters of baptism. As I prepare myself to be ready to come home and make that dreaded adjustment to the real world.

I love you all I’m so so so so lucky to have you in my life.

-Elder Johnson

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