Monday, December 21, 2015

That means 8 hours of church on Sunday...

Well it was a crazy crazy week! We had another ET (emergency transfer)!! Someone went home in Tacoma so elder Behunin left our foursome and went to another area. We are yet again in a 3-some! Weird times. Things are well though. We have been very blessed to many miracles this week. While working hard and seeing no success randomly something will happen that has no correlation to do with my actions. The Lord is funny in that way.

Well now we are in a threesome that means 8 hours of church on Sunday. So my back is pretty much shot but it is a very good opportunity to sit and listen to the spirit

I cannot wait to see you guys on Friday! I was sitting in church yesterday thinking about it. And, oh man, I did it! I went the longest time in my whole life without seeing a face of a family member! I'm happy it’s over. I love you s very much. BTW I will probably be Skyping around 1 my time! Yay!

-Elder Johnson

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