Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Well, winter is here it seems...

Well, winter is here it seems. The days are cold, rainy. It gets dark at 4:30 and the nights are the same. Which seems to make the people on the doorstep really friendly or really not friendly. Pray for the first one. It does not however stop tender mercies from God and preparing people still to hear the restored gospel. And that exactly what me and Elder Brown witnessed this week while knocking in the dark.

We ran into a gal who had met with missionaries years ago and still had all pamphlets and the Book of Mormon and told us her favorite pamphlet was the one about the restoration! Never have I had an experience like this. It was wonderful to see how success can still come even though the weather isn’t as welcoming.

I know the Lord is preparing people for us as missionaries to find. One of my biggest fears about going home is regret. I’m so scared that I will go home and have regrets on my mission… a regret of not trying as hard as I could one day or teaching someone a way that I wanted to instead of the way the spirit was telling me to. And perhaps my biggest fear is a little ironic because it’s the fear that I would let a chance slip by to teach a prepared soul of God. I understand fear is not a good motivator but I think love is behind this fear. I fear that I would be wasting the dear time I've been given to by the Lord and not being able to help all the people I have the opportunity to help.

We also had MLC again this week in which it was one of the most productive one I've been a part of (perhaps because I had a lot to learn from it). We talked about member missionary work and how we as missionaries have to help the ward leaders fulfill the "prophetic priority" the President of the church has given us, to keep the Sabbath Day holy. I hope to better apply why I learned.

I love this mission. I just got my cousin Sam's last email home from his mission and that sucks I don’t look forward to sending that email home. Thank you all and please be safe this week.

-Elder Thomas Johnson

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