Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I live in a home! A real home!

Well, Gig Harbor is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to in Washington. We live 2 blocks away from the Sound and right next door to my new church. I live in a home! A real home! It’s so weird. It use to be stake offices and they gave it to the missionaries when they built the stake center! How cool is that?? There are six elders in the home with us. 3 of them are my companions and the other 2 cover a neighboring area. It is a lot of fun!

Same as my last area… we cover 2 wards which is always a brain teaser trying to work hard and long memorizing twice as many names, streets, calling etc.. I really enjoy the challenge. It’s hard enough to make me want to pull my hair out but not hard enough to want to shoot myself so that's good! I look forward to being here for quite a while and doing the Lord’s work.

To start off in this great area we had a baptism this past week! So what better way to get going then that? Am I right? The people in these areas are not what I’m used to here in this mission. It’s a more wealthy area and people are well off and are ok with it. It’s a lot cleaner of an area which means it is a lot safer. Which also means people already have their mind made up about their beliefs but that’s ok! Because we got a special weapon and that’s the Spirit They won’t see this one coming because they more than likely have never felt and recognized it. The spirit is a powerful tool our job is to bring a knowledge (Mosiah 27:36) to people and then it is up to them to accept that or now. I do love this gospel and my mission.

I just read an email from one of my friends who is about to go home from his mission and it almost brought me to tears thinking of leaving this place. I am in a place of miracles there are special forces helping us as we are the Lord’s missionaries. I never want to go throughout this life without it. I look forward to the next 8 months full of the spirit and witnessing miracles. What a blessing it is.

I sure do love you all but I do love this work more and it will always be my priority for it is what the Lord has told me to do.

-Elder Johnson

Oh, btw... we got locked up for Halloween so I did a puzzle of the last super for 5 hours when we weren't allowed to leave the church house. So that happened.

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  1. Elder Johnson:
    We are so happy you are doing so well and the work is progressing. Keep up the good work and know you are in our prayers

    Neal & Suzanne Byington