Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I have really been able to find out what I am thankful for...

Thanksgiving as a missionary sure meant a lot more to me. I have really been able to find out what I am thankful for, what I miss, and what I don’t want to lose.

On Thanksgiving Day I was able to go have a big turkey bowl with a bunch of missionaries from 2 zones. Seeing how it rains all day, everyday here… it was very muddy and made good memories.

Afterwards a family who lived in Hawaii for many years had us over for dinner. We had some traditional Hawaiian dishes along with the traditional turkey dinner. It was very nice to be over with them. They have kids our age. It almost felt like I was home. Ha!

After that we went to another dinner at a recent convert whose name is George and Alice Twiggs. They are about the same age as Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. They have always taken really good care of us. Overall it was a nice Thanksgiving and made me really appreciate my home and my family.
The work has been going well. We go through investigators here quite fast. A lot of people want to hear about the gospel and have a desire to come closer to God.  But they do not have a desire to change their way of life. So if they cannot keep commitments we offer and do not come to church, we cannot help them and must move on to find someone who will and can change.

Studies is a great part of my day. I absolutely love doing my studies. I love finding things. I can’t explain. In our gospel searching for hours just to find an answer. It’s so, so satisfying and one of the largest testimony builders in the world.

I am so very grateful for eternal families and for the fact that these 2 years is the longest time I will be away from my own family. I am so lucky to have this gospel. It is heartbreaking seeing people turn away these truths we share. I am blessed.

-Elder Johnson


  1. Thanks for the great updates Thomas. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for sharing the reality of missionary work. It is great for preparing missionaries to see your great example in the mission field. We are praying for you.