Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I think I might start be getting a hold on this whole mission thing...

Success seems to come in waves on a mission. One week we might see lot of good stuff going… new investigators, good lessons.  Then the next week they've dropped us and were back to finding. It’s difficult to find out these patterns and hard to find how to just have success.

This weekend our Stake did an open house nativity in which we decorate the Stake Center with Christmas stuff and have countless nativities all around the building. ( People can come look around and feel the spirit. Me and elder Lacasse were able to get a non member family there who invited friends too! We were able to go in as a big group and had a really nice time. I really think they were able to feel the spirit in the church house. Super cool experience.

The veil is so thin around children. This week we were called into the hospital to give a 2-week-old little girl a blessing. She was having breathing problems. The moment we walked into the ward with 10 or so infants I could feel that burning in the heart like nowhere else. I had never felt the veil so thin besides the temple. How great a blessing to go there and serve God.

I do love it here. It’s a great blessing to serve and to suffer some trials for my Lord.  I think I might start be getting a hold on this whole mission thing. Maybe.

-Elder Johnson

The picture is of Elder Lacasse and me during studies.

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