Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I have a new appreciation for this season of year...

The weeks really seem to be blending together. I have a hard time discerning what happened last week and the week before that. 

As a mission we have been using this #heisthegift #sharethegift, during this whole Christmas time. It's really quite cool. It really is just nice to share the message of this first gift to everyone... to let people know how blessed we all are no matter what circumstances we celebrate Christmas in. A lot of our area is very poor. It's a place called "hilltop" (Google it to find more). So being able to share a message that doesn't cost anything but can bring joy is very, very special. As a zone, we went caroling last night. It was odd how much more people liked us when we were caroling! haha We had a lot of fun.

As a ward we have a man named brother Dyer over the elder's quorum.   We meet with him 1 or 2 times a week to discuss mission work as well as potential elders in the ward. We were told by him that, this time of year, people really go into "survival mode." People don't focus on trying to be happy or anything. They just want to stay warm and dry. So it could be a hard season to get into people's home. But i know that with faith and the works we do, things will work out for the best. 

I have a new appreciation for this season of year with my life revolving around Christ. The season is just  another reason to share it with everyone. Although miles away from home, it gives me comfort that this 2 years is the longest time in all of eternity I will be away from my family... whether its my parents or my future family. I won't ever have to leave them agian. I hope everyone can have this blessing.

-Elder Johnson

P.s. sorry for no pictures this week forgot it at home today

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