Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The mission is more for me than my investigators

The weather here is starting to cool down it seems like the world knows its time for fall. We are very blessed to have a car. I do enjoy the cooler weather compared to the heat though.

Unfortunately we did not have the baptism on Sunday. Loti’s sister went missing Saturday so Loti didn't make it to church. Still no sign of Loti’s sister yet. We did meet a really cool family this week who we are visiting today and really hoping to put on date soon. The first lesson went really well. The mom of the family is named April and she really reminded me of my mom… but not nearly as great. We have 2 baptisms this weekend so I hope they go through. They should, no reason why they wouldn't.

As for yesterday, we had zone conference. There were 4 zones that came together. We had a training from the AP's, President Blotter, then Elder Snow who is the church historian. It was really good. What I was really able to take is that I need to be more bold asking my investigators for commitments and I need to show and tell them how these commitments will help them. The moment Elder Snow walked into the room the spirit hit me hard. What a blessing to be addressed by him.

I am very blessed to be here on a mission. I often think the mission is more for me than my investigators. I know through all the trials I endure on a daily basis I will grow and I would not be able to grow this much any other way. I know as soon as things get easy here I will stop growing and that is the last thing I want. This church is true no other church has the fullness of church therefore does not have the authority. I know not all will be well till Christ comes again. I know it’s not far away. I often joke about how I hope Christ comes soon so we don’t have to endure any longer. This is all worth it. Every moment is. Every moment I want to come home is still worth is. I love Christ. He died for me. His atonement is infinite and I choose to use it.

-Elder Johnson

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