Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I guess we've hit that season or something...

Stadium Area Elders: Johnson, Marsh, Bagley, LaCasse
Hey! Its been a great week. I am really enjoying all the Elders in the Stadium area. We're all really young and it's nice to be around boys my age. This past week we did a lot to find investigators and we were able to find a lot. One of the investigators is a single mom named Awa. She is from the Ivory Coast and is such a sweetheart.  I think there might be a little bit of a language barrier but I think she is understanding the basics and I know she feels the spirit. She reminds me a lot of Charles Abouo in Logan.

This week is Halloween so the mission is having zone meeting that day so we stay out of the streets. I dunno what to expect but I am exited haha. It has kept raining here. I guess we've hit that season or something. The nights are getting cooler and I am really enjoying that. Last week we had the car so this week we won't be able to drive. I am really enjoying my mission. I feel like as long as I am busy I don't miss everything to much. And I've been able to run in the morning so that makes life a lot better. I think I might have been a little physically addicted to it haha.
hot rods punch

Elder Johnson, Elder Lacasse

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