Monday, October 19, 2015

This week was full of some great meetings...

Well this week was full of some great meetings! Although meetings aren’t my favorite (I’d rather be out meeting with people and spreading the gospel) these few meetings were exceptional! Elder Robert C. Gay of the 70 came and visited with us. The first meeting with him was in Tacoma as a Mission Leadership council. He said a lot of different stuff. I could send you all my notes but I’m just going to tell you one point that stuck out during that one meeting.

The Lord has given us so many great tools in this life and often we take it for granted. As a missionary sometimes you get too comfortable. I find when I get too comfortable I rely on myself. I do missionary work by myself. I talk to people and go through something as logically as I can think of. Sometimes we see people do incredible things by themselves, and God has given us that ability to do that. But miracles only happen when we don't rely on that arm of the flesh and we truly rely on the arm of the spirit. Only then can the arm of the spirit do the work of God and perform the miracles that are so dearly needed in this work. I know this principle isn’t only applicable in missionary work. I know when we are home it is the same.

In the past month between the two wards we have had 3 deaths and 2 weddings. It’s been a crazy time for everyone. It is great to see how this kingdom of God has been set up here on this earth to help each other out. As missionaries we have no purpose to go to funerals. But we get that great, third person view of the ward and how great it is to support each other even if a bishop is gone for a while. There is always someone to lead and guide.

I has a surprise visit from a friend of the family this week. It’s always nice to know that even though home is thousands miles away it really is so close. I’m grateful for all the love and support received from all of you.
Kristen Clawson, mother of Rilee V. who is living with Elder Johnson's parents while attending BYUH
She lives a few miles from Elder Johnson's current apartment and dropped some treats off this week.

I feel so blessed to be part of this kingdom here on the earth, I love sharing it with others here in the Bremerton area. It’s a wonderful place to be. Well… everywhere is a wonderful place to be as a missionary.

-Elder Johnson

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