Monday, June 22, 2015

This past week was way weird...

Wow!  So to start off, I’m being transferred to Silverdale 1st Ward and Brownsville Ward. I’ll cover 2 areas. My new address is

6362 Pine RD NE
Bremerton, WA 98311

I’m exited for the change but will miss many people here. I’ll miss the missionaries here more than anything though. I've loved it here in Olympia.

This past week was way weird. We went to Zion’s camp. I also went to Zion’s camp my 2nd transfer. Way weird to do something a 2nd time in my mission. At Zion's camp we go through and do a few activities and then apply the to mission work. It can be very enlightening and it’s nice to be outside in regular clothes for the whole day.

 At the end we had an activity where we had to think of one thing that’s holding us back as a missionary and we wrote it down on a paper. Then we threw the paper in the fire. I understand the thing that I gave up will not go away right away and writing it down and burning it didn’t help at all with getting rid of it. But I now know what I need to focus on more.

This past Sunday I got to speak in church. It went well. Elder MacQueen gave a talk on fathers. Then later I gave a talk on missionary work and bore testimony of fathers, our earthly and heavenly. It was a good way to leave the ward.

I wish I had more to talk about. I’m sorry there’s been so much happening. There’s a lady here who I’ve grown close to who plans pan getting baptized as soon as she finds a new job. I look forward to coming back and seeing her baptized soon.

I’m grateful for all the support. It’s very appreciated.

-Elder Johnson

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