Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's a weird feeling being so tired but not wanting to sleep...

Hey again! I don’t think I have a blog post this week. It’s been a really good week but I don’t feel I have anything new to put up on the blog. I don’t just want to say something I’ve already said before.

My Easter was really good… super busy had a 4 dinners. 3 of them were with non-members. We had 6 investigators at church yesterday which might be a record for me (not counting families). We had a few families give us baskets for Easter. Most all full of candy but the Bishop of the Bainbridge Island ward’s Easter basket was full of candy along with a Izze and a nice journal. We are definitely taken care of well here.

I sure have loved serving with Elder Simkins… super super easy to get along with! I love him. He is from the same small town Elder Porter is from. I don’t remember if I had already told you that? Enterprise is the town. I’m going to have to go visit both Simkin’s and Porter's family before they get home.

This next week is full of appointments. We have zone conference tomorrow. I’m exited I don’t have to give any trainings or direct it. (I’m not a zone leader) :). Then my favorite part of the week… General Conference!! Awe man! I’m looking forward to it so very much.

It’s funny how fast time goes. I wish it would just stop. I have so much I need to do out here but time is moving faster and faster. It's a weird feeling being so tired but not wanting to sleep. Haha.

-Elder Thomas Johnson

PS (from Elder Johnson's Parents)...
We received several emails with photos this week.  Included was the following photo and explanation...  Love it!!!!
Elder Johnson helping out in Primary!

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