Monday, January 11, 2016

I take advantage of every opportunity...

What a crazy week! Last Monday turned from p-day to a road trip, as we had to drive 2 hours to pick up a new companion. I’m looking forward to having a p-day to myself again today. (ha-ha) Honestly, a lot of my week consisted of busy work… a sister in the zone went into the ER the other day and we had a few doctors’ appointments to go to throughout the week. Keep the health and safety of the WA TAC missionaries in your prayers this week!

Although we were busy, I got to really put my priorities straight. And what truly comes first are the health and safety of the missionaries I serve. I know my Savior would want me to help them be safe. It’s been very hard for me to sit around and not be out working hard to find teach and baptize people. But to share this gospel even if it’s in a doctors’ office.

We got to speak in church this last Sunday, I was asked to speak on the 3rd lesson we teach which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is about our message and our purpose. It was great to prepare this talk. Although I only got to speak for maybe 2 minutes because I was the last speaker and didn’t have any time, it was wonderful to bear my testimony to the great ward I am serving!

Anyways I am doing well. There are a lot of missionaries who are not doing as well physically as I am. I have no reason to complain. Please keep the health and safety of the missionaries of the WA TAC in your prayers this week. Love you guys very much.

-Elder Johnson

P.S. Its weird all the sisters I came out with go home next Tuesday. Time truly is flying.

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