Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Crazy few weeks...

Like I mentioned, we got a visit from Elder Christofferson. It was pretty cool to hear from him in stake conference and to visit quickly with him one on one.

Elder Geier & Elder Johnson
I went on an exchange with Elder Prue this past week. It went well. It was great to be in a car! Elder Geier has been having a lot of tooth pain this week so, while I was on exchanges, he went into the dentist to see what's up. It turns out that he needs his wisdom teeth pulled. That will be happening on the 4th. I am hoping that, as he recovers, he can be left at a member’s home who has a 2 priesthood holders so one can stay with him and the other one can go out and do missionary work with me.

There is a 21 year old boy were teaching right now who has some mental disabilities and mentally is 8. We have become really close friends while teaching him and getting to know him. He has a strong desire to get baptized he says it’s so, "when you leave I can still have a friend with me wherever I go (Holy Ghost)." I really have never cared for someone like this in 6 months and it feels wonderful.

One of the oddest changes I've made on my mission is something I don't think anyone would expect. I love reading. I've gone through more books the past 6 months then I have in 6 years… although the literature is limited out here I go through what I can. I encourage people to read "Perfection Pending." It’s a beautiful book. And for the more brave people who want to reevaluate their self-confidence… read "The Miracle of Forgiveness." it will make you feel awful about yourself until the last 3 chapters.

Things are well here. Biking all over is kinda fun. Thank you all for support.

Elder Johnson

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