Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Felt Even More Blessed to Be Part of That Miracle

This week has been rough. Both me and Elder Larson got a bad cold/flu last week. We were not able to work as much as we had liked to. We are both getting better though not fully up to speed. But a lot better. 

Cool story of the week... last Saturday we were told to go give a blessing to a small boy who had e coli. We were able to go give the blessing and talk to the parents for a while (who are non members but one of their moms is a member and asked for us to give the blessing) Anyway, we left thinking no more of it. Two days after the blessing we got a call from the grandma and parents of the boy thanking us for giving the blessing. Apparently the boy got e coli from this ham sandwich that he and his buddy shared.  His his buddy got e coli as well but ended up dying in the hospital from it. The whole incident was in the paper and on the news. The family was very grateful for what we had done and I felt even more blessed to be a part of that miracle.

As of right now we have only one really solid family as far as it comes to investigators. Her name is Julia (38) and Metri (13) Sam (8). They are such a wonderful family and I really hope they are able to get baptized and come unto the gospel. Please keep them in your prayers. 

As I mentioned before, we cover downtown Tacoma and we meet some very odd people. I really wish I had more time to look at all the history in Tacoma. It is amazing how many old churches and buildings there are. One of my favorite places in Tacoma is Stadium High School. It looks like Hogwarts and the football field is right next to the sound. It is a really beautiful place. I'll send some pictures of it.  i took a lot of pictures this week and was exited to send a lot today. But I brought the wrong cord with me to the library! Sorry! i'll have a lot of pictures next week

This is my old zone. 

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