Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm Here. I'm Happy

It’s been a very long week till P day. It’s true when you hear "days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days". I guess I’ll just start from day one. When I got here I met my companion (Elder Clark) who is very much like I’d picture the perfect companion to be like. He’s very laid back but not lazy. Social but not annoying. Funny but knows when the right time to be funny and when to feel the spirit is. He went to Springville HS, played football basketball and baseball. (Yah, I know he’s one of those cool kids). I couldn't ask for much more in a companion. I’ll send pictures later. 

The next night me and Elder Clark were made zone leader over 4 different districts, each having 8-10 missionaries in it. It’s hard learning their names but the real beauty is getting to know the spirit inside each of them. We have missionary from every background you could think of and it seems that each missionary’s companion came from the exact opposite background as his/her companion. (The cowboy with the city boy, gym addict with the video game addict, runner with the cool kid of the school. etc...) And the most beautiful thing is that outside a mission they more then likely wouldn't be able to work with each other but the gospel has united us all in one cause. to invite other to come unto Christ. And through that cause we come together as one and cannot be stopped.

I love my district. They've became my friends my family my teachers. It’s a privilege to be a zone leader and my district such a good group.

Although I miss home I am often too busy in class or with an investigator to worry. I hope the best on you all I know God is looking over you. He has made that promise to me to take care of you while I am gone. I will send pictures next time, hopefully. I would love to have hand written letters. They are a great source of strength.

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