Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Goodbye MTC, Hello Tacoma

What a gift it was to talk to Thomas Elder Johnson on the phone this morning.  He packed last night and left the MTC at 4:30 this morning for the SLC airport and a scheduled 8:25 am departure. Unfortunately, he had a lot more time at the airport than he would have liked... 70 minute delay.  (http://goo.gl/BeaLq3)

There are 26 or so missionaries on his flight.  Not all will be serving in Tacoma.  Some will be in Seattle, Federal Heights, Everett, or other missions in Washington State.  If all goes as those missionaries plan, there will be some baptismal commitments on the plane as well.  After all, it's hard to run away from the Mormon Missionaries while flying at 30,000 ft.

He was very bust at the MTC... serving as a zone leader over 6 districts.  His companion, Elder Clark, and he were responsible for training new missionaries as they arrived, speaking in sacrament meeting weekly, and other tasks.  It kept him very busy.

Now he is now in the air.  On the other end awaits his bicycle (thanks to his Uncle Chris for delivery), his duffle full of bedding with some hiddent notes from his parents,  a new companion, and the mission field, something he is much more excited about than the MTC.  He spent the last six months before his mission working with the missionaries serving in our area.  That is the type of action he is waiting to do.  The flight to Tacoma cannot come fast enough.

PS...  Thomas would love hand-written letters and/or small packages of loving goodness.  You can send them to the mission home address (listed on the right side of this blog).

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